Specialist Areas

It seems these days everyone is an expert, and if they aren’t, they claim to be. Not me. I want variety. Variety is the spice of. A hoary old adage, but like many of these worn and familiar phrases, its value is not squeezed dry through use. It is an adage that encapsulates how I like to work.

If a subject interests me, I want to explore it and tell other people what I discover. That means I dig deep to understand, look at it with fresh eyes, talk to an audience without patronising them and bring new insights to those who know it well. I don’t want to be an entrenched expert; I want to be an expansive examiner.

I will write, film, record, photograph and communicate about any subject that I wish to give a voice to. Yet there are some subjects that seem to keep cropping up: either through the demands of editors and corporate clients or simply because I enjoy them. So, if you really want to pigeonhole me, then in no particular order those specialist areas are….

  • Travel
  • Business
  • Adventure sports
  • Product reviews
  • Technology
  • Video gaming
  • Snowboarding
  • Wildlife
  • Environment
  • Development
  • Motoring
  • Interviews and people profiles
  • Social issues
  • Disability issues
  • Overlanding
  • Mountain biking
  • Land Rovers
  • Photography