Radio is where I started my career and I still love the creativity it allows, how it can forge an intimate connection with the listener. The skills are varied: crafting sound-rich audio features, interviewing people to get their story clear or reporting lucidly and accurately live on air.  This is just a small selection of my radio work. Contact me for more details.

Wild Art in the Amazon 

A radio feature recorded in the Amazon rainforest about the innovative collaborative wildlife artists, Olly and Suzi. [Wild Art] Duration 10:30

Child Abuse in Sport 

An investigation for the Inside Edgeprogramme which revealed the previously undisclosed extent of paedophilia by sports coaches in Britain. [Abuse in sport] Duration 8:34

 Crisis in West Indian Cricket 

A live report from a radio car at Heathrow where I talked to the studio about a rebellion by players in the West Indies cricket team. [Cricket rebellion] Duration 4:01