Media Partnerships

For many companies and organisations commissioning suppliers to provide digital content can be expensive, particularly when it comes to video.

As your Media Partner, I don’t provide you with one-off content, I enable you to create it yourself. It’s that old proverb again, “teach a man to fish”.

It’s a three stage process…

  • Analysis
  • Training
  • Support¬†

I assist you to tailor your media strategy. I talk to you about your business, your clients and your product, then come up with interesting and engaging stories for you to tell. I’ll provide advice on the best way to use images and sounds, in the form of audio or video content, to captivate your audience.

I train your staff to understand the basics of creative media production. Allowing them to create or commission images, audio and video. At the end of the training they will be able use simple equipment to collect usable pictures, audio and video.

I provide editorial and creative advice to staff before they undertake a project to ensure they understand what they need to gather to make the right engaging content for you.

On their return I assess the material, edit it and advise how best to use it. Finally, I provide feedback to the staff to help them continually improve the material they produce.