Journalism demands the ability to write quickly and accurately; deadlines are tight and whatever the story, you have to tell it well and get the facts right.

As a news journalist I have been exposed to a huge range of subjects: each day can bring a different story, often on unfamiliar subjects that must digested, understanding, analysed and communicated clearly, quickly and accurately. Challenging, but incredibly fun and rewarding.

This is a small selection of my radio and print journalism. Check out the various categories in the menu bar for more.





Ethical Tourism in Rwanda 

Serenity is not a word that springs to mind when mention is made of Rwanda, where nearly 1m people were slaughtered in 1994, mostly Tutsis killed by their Hutu compatriots. Yet the serenity—of its countryside and people—is what the Rwandan government is marketing in an effort to woo tourists. It also hopes that tourism can help heal the wounds inflicted by the genocide… [more]




A Day in the Life: Bob Geldof


Today hasn’t started well for Bob Geldof. He’s up early; well before 9am, when he usually peels himself out of bed. The boiler has broken, he’s cold and feeling grumpy. He suffers more than the usual genetic dose of Celtic melancholy in the mornings. A three-cup dose of coffee usually helps pull him out of it.

It’s not a normal day. He has to shave and put a suit on… [more]





Investigation in Child Abuse in Sport

BBC Radio 5 Live “Inside Edge”

An investigation I conducted for the “Inside Edge” programme which revealed the previously undisclosed extent of paedophilia by sports coaches in Britain. [Abuse in sport audio]




Aroma Therapy

The first day begins with an introduction to ingredients; some are familiar, others are not. Each of us has a chopping board on which sit the fragrant and elegant materials of Thai cooking. We are encouraged to examine them in turn. Rubbing the waxy kaffir lime leaves between thumb and fingers, ripping through the tough cuticle to release its citrus perfume. Squeezing the hard, pale-green stalks of lemon grass, thinly slicing it into moist shreds, heavily laden with the mixed scent of oranges, lemon and ginger. Chewing small, subtly spicy chunks of galangal, which looks similar to ginger but has a more subtle aromatic flavour… [more]