Content Provision

Copy for digital channels, publications and marketing campaigns
Clear, concise writing for your digital channels and printed materials, to a style that is yours and aimed directly at the audience you want to talk to.

Videos for businesses and educational institutes
As an experienced producer, editor and cameraman, I can help with all elements of your video projects. 

Audio for businesses and educational institutes
As a former BBC national radio reporter and producer I can create digital audio material to a very high professional standard. The impact of audio is often underestimated, yet is cheaper, quicker and easier to produce than video. I am more than happy to discuss how audio might be made to work for you.

Ghost blogging for academics, executives, companies and individuals.
Blogging made quicker, clearer and simpler.
Writing regular blogs can be time consuming and stressful. Talking about a subject is often far simpler. An interview enables you to communicate what you want quickly and easily and the resulting transcript is transformed into copy for a variety of purposes.