Georgia on my mind

I love this country. I am still wondering why I left. There are so many incredible people I met here that I didn’t get photos of, I just didn’t carry my camera enough. No reflection on how happy they made me to meet them. 

Did you know Georgia is where the Ibero-Celts originated from? Was news to me but apparently a big section of us were pushed west by the Mongol hoards and then other Barbarian tribes, then the Romans and the bloody Saxons kept hassling and being general irritants until we were left hanging onto the western skirts of Europe. The ones that stayed in the Caucasus headed up into the mountains and fought like wolves for the next 5000 years to keep a foothold. They even have bagpipes – and the male choral singing? Lovely! You might be Welsh but you are also Georgia boyo! Went to a stunning exhibition at their national museum of intricate gold jewellery and idols from up to 3000 B.C. It all looked Celtic. So many things you could see in a Welsh or Scottish museum.

If you get chance, go to Georgia.



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