Ishallah, naltaqi mura tani

Leaving a place I love, sad but rich with memories of people who have honoured me with their friendship

Aish wal malh. (Bread and salt. An Arabic saying to mark a bond of trust and friendship between people who have shared food at the same table)



Tomorrow is my last day of a year spent in the Arabic world. If I had doubts before this time about the depth of human generosity, they have been wiped clean by the unquestioning, spontaneous and genuine hospitality I have been shown every day, often several times a day. From Tarbaka in the west to Amman in the east, I have been welcomed into the lives of people for whom I have nothing but the utmost respect, gratitude and warmth. I am humbled and honoured that many chose me as a friend. I have been made welcome across the Arab world and I am heartbroken to have to leave, especially as it will be without experiencing more of the same in Lebanon and Syria. I feel like I am leaving a good home and I don’t want to close the door behind me. I can’t and I won’t. I must come back. To all the people who have enriched my life with kindness… Shukran kiteer. Forsa Saida. Ishallah, naltaqi mura tani.





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