Archive | June, 2010

the nature of the beast

One day good. One day bad. The best truck in the world that dances over sand dunes and makes old men smile in the street as it passes with its V8 purring like a Siberian tiger slurping Cornish cream. The worst pile of malfunctioning anachronistic mechanical engineering since the invention of the internal combustion engine. […]

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getting a visa for libya

It was complex. It was taxing. It took a while. And in the end it has become a clear lesson in “be careful what you wish for….” Got the stamp, which of course takes up a whole egotistical page. It’s a transit visa, which we wanted, because it was only £30 for both, hundreds cheaper […]

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sand dancer

The tarmac ends abruptly a few kilometres south of Douz, the road continues, but there is a clear line when it turns from black-top to dirt track. From here to Ksar Ghilane, about 150 kilometres drive to the south east, the surface changes many more times; fast-driving hard-packed sand, corrugated shake-the-truck-to-bits sand, smooth rock-bed, gravel […]

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