Oakley Crowbar Signature Series


Great performing goggles the pros are happy to put their name to.

Celebrity Pulling Power
It’s a tired, old marketing trick: pay some cutting edge professional to put their name to your product and impressionable wannabe’s will part with their cash just so they can associate themselves with the eilte they will never be good enough to join.

Five Times the Pull
Oakley haven’t just got one pro to lend their name to their Crowbar goggles: they got five of them. A seriously cynical sales trick? Well, in this case no. These goggles really are worth the celebrity endorsement.

Who’s in the Frame?
Boarding gods Terje Haakonsen and Danny Kass, ski legends Seth Morrison, JP Auclair and Tanner Hall all have their own Crowbar designs.

Custom Look
Each edition is different, with a custom designed frame to reflect a little of the pros personal style; JP Auclair loves Tokyo, so the frame has a detail of the Tokyo subway map, while Tanner Hall is bang into Reggae, hence the Rasta colours on the strap.

Each comes with a choice of two lenses. Some come with either black iridium and high intensity persimmon, with others its either fire iridium or persimmon. The iridium options is the do-it-all choice as the perform well in most light conditions, while the persimmon are best in low light.

Pro Performance
It’s not just the name’s that are impressive: Oakely’s patented High Definition Optics are excellent. Focus is pin sharp in all direction and the lenses also give protection from UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light. The anti-fog coating works well even in the most challenging conditions and the triple, foam/fleece layer is not only comfortable but wicks sweat away efficiently.

Worth it?
Although the “Flexible O Matter” frame is comfortable and will fit most people very well, no goggle can fit all face shapes perfectly, so try before you buy. The only other argument against buying a Signature Edition is, why bother paying the little bit extra when the standard version works just as well?

Great optics
Comprehensive optical protection
Anti-fog works well

Comparatively expensive

Stuff Says
Professional standard performance but why pay more just for a name?

Star Rating

Tech Spec
Lenses: Black Iridium/Fire Iridium/Persimmon/High Intensity Persimmon
Optical Protection: UVA/UVB/UVC/blue Light
Lens Coating: Anti-fog


£79.99 – £114.99 depending on lens choice

Stuff.tv January 2009

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