Avalung Outlaw

Emergency breathing for surviving an avalanche tucked into a well designed backpack.

Dead Cert
If you get buried in an avalanche and the impact hasn’t already killed you, your chances of survival are slim. Even if you are wearing a transceiver and there’s someone close by with all the kit necessary to find you and dig you out, you’ve only got a 50/50 chance of seeing your mother again.

Bad Way to Die
If you’re lucky enough, there’ll be a small airspace around your head, but this will very quickly become supersaturated with the CO2 you exhale. You could well suffocate before anyone gets even close to digging you out. Lights out.

Oxygen from the Snow
Use an Avalung Outlaw and your chance of survival increases dramatically. It allows you to breath air trapped in the snowpack and not suffocate from CO2. It draws air from the snow and feeds it into your lungs via a scuba-like mouth-tube built into the shoulder strap of the backpack. The exhaled CO2 is pushed through an exhaust port at the bottom right side of the pack so your fresh O2 supply isn’t contaminated.

Survival of the Kitted
It isn’t a gimmick: it works. There are people walking around today because they were wearing one when a slide hit and their friends had extra precious seconds to dig them out.

Bag of Tricks
Rather than being just the survival tool of its pared down counterpart, the Avalung II, with the Outlaw the breathing equipment is incorporated into a well designed pack, purpose built for backcountry exertions.

Two Ways In
The main compartment has a large horse-shoe zip that makes it very easy to access all the contents quickly. It also has a “back door” via another big zip between the shoulder straps.

Rapid Access
Being able to get at your emergency kit quick is essential if you have any chance of rescuing someone else from an avalanche, so the secondary compartment has well positioned sleeves for stowing probes and a snow shovel.Other features on the Outlaw are also well designed. There is an insulated sleeve for a hydration tube so your drinking water doesn’t freeze, a fleece–lined goggle pocket and external ski or snowboard carry straps.

Specialist Pack
Although not weak and flimsy, the breathing tube can be damaged and the last thing you’d want if you’re buried in an avalanche is to suck hard and discovered you’ve knackered it through careless use as a day pack.

Easy, quick access
Well designed

Not for casual use
More cumbersome than Avalung II

Stuff Says
Buy it, use it and pray you never need to breath with it.

Star Rating

Tech Spec
41-48cm and 47-55cm (torso length)


Large dual access main
Secondary with avalanche tools stow straps
Fleece lined goggle pocket
Small waist belt stow pocket

Hydration Compatible:



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