Signal OG

Stunningly lightweight, a hand painted top sheet, phenomenal performance and it’s dirt cheap too.

Why pay more?
If you are the type of rider who must have the most expensive bling board on the mountain, don’t both reading on. But, if you want a board that is so cheap it leaves loads of money for beers and performs just as well as the board the other bloke broke the bank to buy, then a Signal OG is your dream ride.

Give it me. All of it.
The OG is a versatile board that performs beautifully all over the mountain. It’s just as comfortable kicking it in the park as slicing sine waves down a groomer or floating dreamily through backcountry powder. Ok, it might not be quite as good at each as a top-end specialist stick, but the OG will handle it all very admirably.

Built with love and attention to detail
The OG is about having fun. Dave Lee who owns Signal is so passionate about snowboarding you worry for his sanity. Lee knows how a board should ride because he was a pro snowboarder and he knows how to build one because unlike many other manufacturers he owns his own factory rather than farming out production to a company in the Far East. The result is a lovingly made, cheap board at top end spec.

Vital Statistics
The secret to the OG’s versatility is its combination of directional flex and twin shape. A step back stance adds to the powder prowess. The ride is smooth and stable, but never boring, with loads of response and “out on the edge” control. When you first pick it up the weight seems bizarre: this is one seriously lightweight board. If all that wasn’t enough, this delicious baby has a cherry on top: hand painted graphics. All this for a slither over 300 notes.

There are better boards, but….
There are Ferrairs out there. The Nidecker Ultralight for example, which is a phenomenal board for hurtling at warp factor 8. But the Ultralight it is too much board for many riders whereas the OG is more like an Audi RS4. It’s almost half the price and no matter how good you can ride, the OG will do what you need it to do.

Unbelievably lightweight
Highly Versatile

An all rounder, not a specialist

Stuff Says
So cheap, so cheerful, so versatile, why would you buy anything else?

Star Rating

Tech Spec
Sizes 155/155 Wide, 157, 159/159 Wide, 163 /163 Wide
Graphics Hand painted top sheet
Stance options 20.5 – 25.2cm

£308 January 2009


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